The Universe's colours.

February 12, 2018

Hello everybody!
I have to apologise, this post should be posted on Thursday and today is Monday, I'm very sorry about that, too much work at my day job.
Today I want to share with you the work on a glass of Josh Simpson.
To me, this artist is pretty important, it's part of my life as an artist when I start on my own studio.
In 2003,  attended to a course of glass in "La Real Fábrica de Cristales" in San Ildefonso, Segovia (Spain) and at that time was an exhibition of Josh Simpson. I got impressed of his work, colours, details and size.
And I bought a small Megaplanet. Pitifully it's in my house in Spain, not with me here, but it's always on my mind.For a long time, The Megaplanet was the inspiration of my work on the glass.
Actually, in my actual abstract paint too.
His wife is an astronaut and the inspiration is in the colours of the universe, of course, when you look at his plates you can see the constellations.
All the universe in a piece of glass.

On the internet and on his website, there are few videos, but here there are two to know the Josh Simpson Universe.
Enjoy the videos....



Be happy and creative!
See you soon, I promise.


Red, the February colour

February 01, 2018

What colour would you choose for this month?
Red, of course, the colour of the love, Valentine's day and the lovers.
Aside from the different kinds of red, this colour is associated with energy, passion, warm, powerful, courageous, dynamism, stimulating, stir, provocation, adventure, magnetism, spontaneity.....
But too with aggressivity, violence, danger, antagonism and warlike.

How is made the red colour?
We have to start with the primary colours, so, Magenta, cyan and yellow. Red is a secondary colour, the add from magenta and yellow, follow the picture.
So, with three colour and forbearance, we can make the others.
And my challenge for this month is to paint just with red, yeap, with only one colour and all the variances. I think it's gonna be hard, I know but it's one way to learn and improve my painting.
Tomorrow morning I'll go to my favourite art supplies shop and I'll buy 3 canvas to start.
For two of them I'll use just red, and the other I'll add black and white.

I invite you to follow the challenge on my Instagram and Facebook.

See you soon, soon!
Be happy, be creative!


Sketchbook review.

January 25, 2018

The sketchbook, difficult choice.
Hello and welcome to the big question!
I love stationery stuff since I was a child. I remember the first school day opening the new books, that smell, the new pencils, erasers, pencil case, school bag,  all the possibilities to make and learn something new made me feel happy.
Nowadays, I can't leave the stationery buying anything. So, I try to go there just when I really need something or I need feel as a child again.

Since I start to draw I bought a lot of sketchbooks, someone better than others, but always made them function, collect ideas.
My mam said me last week that she found a lot of "notebooks" in the attic and I realized that I have a lot here as well.

But, to sketching on acrylic I don't like any.
Easy, I need time to dry the paint to turn the page and start with another, and when I have some idea it's not just one, the ideas are coming all at the same time and I have to be fast if I don't want to lose them.
And this happens when I don't wait enough time.

Because of that, I decide not to use them to acrylic paint, I cut the paper and make my own sketchbook with the paper that I prefer and the size that is more comfortable to me.

Frist, I chouse the paper....... But I thought that it was for sketches....
 I cut them into A4 pieces......
 And that was ready to sketch...
This time I had time enough to dry them and made a hole to keep together.

And finally, I've got my own sketchbook.

I don't have excuses to not sketch with acrylic.
So, go to start....

See you soon!
Be creative, be happy!


Afternoom with Voka..

January 18, 2018

"Voka, born 1965, lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. He coined the term "Spontaneous Realism" as a trademark for his art. Voka defines this style as a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era, with a new interpretation reflecting today ́s spirit of the time. His distinctive style, emerging from the dynamic of the moment, enables him to strikingly capture immediate reality while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement. His ability to create one of his paintings in a short space of time and with great dynamic, he explained in a very simple way ́I have dealt with painting for a very, very long time in a very slowly and intensively way."
-  Bio,   -

Visit his webside, it's clear and full of fresh news, even you can organize a journey to his showroom in Austria.


Looking at his portrait you can feel the intens view of the characters.
Looking at his urban scenery you can feel the city aroun you.
Looking at that colours you can be happy.
And for this I enjoy look at his art.

And now, for me the best, the artist working on his art.
Enjoy the video

I recomend you visit his youtube chanel, you will wach more videos like this. It's awesome to get the chance to see the artist working on his art.

See you next week!
Be happy, be creative


Colours for life

January 11, 2018

Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.
-   Oscar Wilde   -

I've heard that the people how to wear black colour are sadder than the people how to wear colouring cloths. 
I'm not a psychologist but I've realized how the colours work on myself, and I feel myself happier and confident when I wear something colourful.
Have you ever thought about how much can affect the colours in your life? 

This is my winter colour.

The colours' psychology is a recent subject of study, as many scientists regard it as an alternative science. One of the first to talk about it was Aristoteles, he connected the basic colours with Earth, water, sky and fire.
Nowadays, is used in marketing, graphic and interior design, fashion art and some therapies.

Here there is a  short list of colours and they mean. Along of this year, I'm want to talk about all of them a little bit deeper one month one colour.

That is! No more colours!
But, How many colours are?
There are millions of them, of course, but this is a good point to start.
The primary, the secondary, some of the tertiary and the neutrals.
This is a blog of art, design and creativity and because of that I have to share with you some information, here there is a chart with the most important data.
Enjoy it!

This is a basic one, I know it, but I think we just need the precise information, sometimes too much information made a mess in our heads.

So, this is all for now!
See you next week!
Put some colour in your life and be happy!


Eventually, I feel as an artist

January 08, 2018

Most of the artist that I know or I've read their bio said that they wanted to be an artist since they were a child. That wasn't my situation,  I've wanted to paint since I was almost in my twenties when I took a break in my studies and found the art school in Salamanca. The best discovery ever in my life.
So, I finished my studies of interior design in Madrid and back to my small village. 
But the life is not perfect at all, and my choices were to get a job and get free time to paint because it's supposed that was the right thing to do. I was no one at that time, I didn't feel as an artist and I left to draw or paint.
I never thought about the weight of the place to get inspiration. Now twenty year time I realize that and I've found a place that makes me feel like an artist.

Because of that, I say to you:

Look for a place and life that make you feel as an artist because you already are.

I've tried different kinds of technics, oil, watercolours, glass, pottery, wood, and last year I started to ink and acrylic.
I've to recognize that the bigger impact on my current work is glass art. I worked with Murano's glass and the colours are amazing, high and bright. These colours are on my mind and I want to see everywhere. 

So, I want to share with you my last work.
I hope to enjoy it.


Arcylic paint on paper, 250gms.


See you soon!
Bee brave and creative!
-   Yolan   -


Sketching in.... Chapter one

December 28, 2017

This Christmas I realize that I love Christmas' decoration, and some places take care of it really well, one of That is "Chapter One", here in Manchester. I think there is a new owner because it changes much since the first time I was in there. Now I love this palace and makes me feel fantastic and special.


Well, the subject of this post is "How to sketch for abstract paint".

I found by internet an artist called Flora Bowley how makes intuitive abstract paint, she paints directly on the canvas without a previous sketch.
For my first abstract works, I made the same, and the result for me was good, but I don't like to leave the work to the luck.
Because of this I've started to research more abstract painters and a few weeks ago I found Heather Day, she makes sketch previous to work on canvas and her sketches become art. She is an amazing artist, the colours, textures and shapes are simples and attracter. But, I'll talk in another moment.

At this point, I know that I don't know how to sketch for abstract paint. And this is stressful.
I have to find my own way and this is one of my subjects for the new year's wish list.
And I have to find inspiration in something particular, not leave to the moment.

My new year's wish list is increasing too much.
Ok, see you next year. Be creative and have funn!

Happy New Year!