An art journal start!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Sunday I decided to star with an art journal to improve my creativity and have fun at the time.
At the moment just I have filled a few pages, that weren't emptied, on theses pages I had doodled before but now are a little bit happiest.

My holidays are closed, just I hope, I find time to continue with this. I'm back to my home in Spain and I have a lot of things to do, too many people to join with, too many stuff to find....

In the midtime, I'll continue drawing as much as I can.

Take care and see you soon!


Sunday with.... Juanan Requena

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Today's a photo day, another of my passions, and one of my battles poetry, since high school trying to understand the same as the teacher and the rest and I couldn't, but I don't care and I don't want to feel the same at the rest of the world.

Juanan Requena is a Spanish artist how to share his experiences and thinking in photos and poems.
His art is full of black and white photos in ligth boxes, and a lot of differents frames and that invite you to see inside you and your own life.

He has a studio called "El Granero" where you can feel the art, creativity, dreams and feelings around.

Beside all of theses y love his books, like a personal trip live journal.
The imagenes are amazing.

Below, I leave to you the links to know more and to enjoy the Juanan Requena art.
El granero:

I hope that you enjoy the video like I enjoyed when found out it.

See you on Wednesday with my new proyect!
In the midtime I share something new everyday on Instagram.

Take care!!!


Fine Art day

Sunday, June 04, 2017

On my day off work, I love dirty my hands and have fun.
Because of that this morning, I have taken my acrylic colours and I have painted something different, something colourfull.


The project doesn't finish in here, after that I'll work digitally to try something new for my shop.

Take care and have fun!
See you soon!


Collage tasting 1

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Let's craft!

During last week I was tasting the collage technic, It was funny but I want to try another time with more and different stuff.

I just bought a big book in the Poundland shop and I started to cut and draw...

Take care and be happy!


Sunday with..... Luis Pinto

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hi there!
This post is not an interview, I just want to show you some of my favorites illustrators, artists, designers and creative people.
I hope you enjoy this like I do when I watch theirs works.

This is the second time that I see his work in "The Skinny", an independent cultural journal in the UK. I'm pretty glad of this.

Luis Pinto is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Mexico, but he lives in Guatemala.
I love the colors' pallet that he usually use on his projects.

If you want to know more about him, you visit his website .

And you can follow him at Instagram @luispins

That's all for now, next Sunday another amazing artist.
See you soon! I swear!
Enjoy the week!

I love these, and you?

I love these, and you?